Aggregate and visualize complex data to facilitate the entire project lifecycle.


Combining a comprehensive platform for ingesting, aggregating and visualizing valuable data and analytics, in a single end-to-end solution, Water Sage serves as the foundation for all aspects of geospatial business intelligence that combines people, process, and technology. Explore how our solutions can meet your organizational needs.

Out of the Box Datasets

Water Sage provides automated data collection from nearly 500 data sources out-of-the box allowing for fast, accurate decision-making at a lower cost than traditional geospatial platforms. Water Sage’s out-of-the-box datasets offer immediate readiness and support various industries.

Customer Data Integration

We are experts in resource data ingestion, management, integration, and visualization. Water Sage seamlessly integrates client-specific proprietary datasets and even build client-specific features, accessible only by designated logins. Integrations utilize the mechanism(s) preferred by the customer organization, such as secure ftp data file transfer or web based API.

Industry Specific Datasets

We successfully work with diverse sectors to integrate industry-specific data sources, accessible via our intuitive, easy-to-use platform. Developing an ever evolving and innovative platform gives us a unique understanding of data issues, how to overcome them, and best practices for developing and maintaining extensive databases that can be employed by both technical and non-technical users. We are more than just ‘big data’ – we understand the intricacies and complexities of data.

Reporting & Analytics

Single data elements or groups of returned search results may be reported upon within the application. Additionally, “Projects” containing a number of data elements may be aggregated and displayed within the Water Sage reports. Formatted reports and tabular data may be exported for all data elements within the platform. Reports may be customized to create a look-and-feel in alignment with the organization’s brand and marketing strategy.

Project Saving and Collaboration

Unlike most geospatial tools which reside on an individual desktop computer, making collaboration and information sharing challenging, data searches and results outputs may be saved as “Projects” within Water Sage and shared across users. This improves collaboration related to geospatial information, resulting in efficient problem solving and better project outcomes

Intuitive Interface

The Water Sage platform leverages a best-in-class software stack allowing customers to access the application anywhere an internet connection is available, from any modern browser. As a Software-as-a-Service, Water Sage employs the most secure hosting methods on the market enabling access to the application with zero implementation time, while alleviating customer IT management costs.

Intuitive Features for Efficient Research

Water Sage is built with the user in mind. From the databases behind the platform to its features and functions, our system is made to provide you with the most efficient, intuitive, and comprehensive information experience.

Unlimited Geographic Searches

Water Sage makes it easy to know where to start. Just draw a box on the map to identify surface and groundwater rights, irrigated areas, land ownership, and stream flow.

Customize and Save Projects

Create customized data sets and visualizations through Saved Projects. Instantly take inventory share your own water rights and land portfolio, key measurement gages, or components of important decrees. The possibilities are endless.

Query, Analyze, Export

You can find, evaluate and save your work in Water Sage, but it doesn’t end there. Produce on-the-fly work product for clients. Mapping projects, records, documents, and geographic information are all exportable in excel, PDF, shape file, and KMZ formats.

Filter and Sort

Water Sage filters give you tools to pinpoint specific records in large search results. Analyze priority dates and water use for an entire river basin, identify specific land and water owners, or quickly assess groundwater development. You no longer have to search with precise information to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Go with The Flow

Water Sage integrates gage data from a variety of sources. Quickly assess streamflow, reservoir levels, temperature and a host of quality parameters. Export and analyze daily and near real-time data.

Interactive Data

Nothing conveys insight quite like illustrations. We make tabular data interactive in charts, delivering powerful tools to make understanding our information fast and easy. Downloading PDF tables and converting them into spreadsheets and charts is now a thing of the past.