Providing the most intuitive GIS platform on the market for water, oil and gas, utilities and engineering industries.

Map-based water rights search and analysis platform

Water Sage is the fastest growing, online natural resources management software and data services company in the U.S. Water Sage turns data into information allowing customers to make pivotal decisions within the project life-cycle, resulting in significant cost savings and superior project outcomes. Water Sage’s proprietary data collection platform automatically aggregates nearly 500 geospatial datasets, delivering the most comprehensive information available to the water, oil and gas, utility and engineering industries. From project bidding and planning, through execution, Water Sage provides the most intuitive GIS platform on the market.

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Bringing efficiency and insight to the COMPLEX WORLD of water rights, land parcel data and public records

Quote Using Water Sage in an early stage client meeting, we quickly identified the client’s important issues and located critical data that facilitated a negotiated settlement in our client’s favor. Quote

– Sheela Stack, Shareholder

Quote The fact that we can export maps and information so easily allows us to respond quickly and with accurate and valuable information which they can make decisions from. Quote

– Mike Swan, Owner

Quote Water Sage gives me a unique ability to make sure that Bozeman’s adequacy requirements are met when looking at subdivision and new developments. Quote

– Brian Heaston, Project Engineer


What We Talk About When We Talk About Security

Web security has become more important and more tenuous than ever before. In this post, Aaron Edwards, Water Sage’s web developer, discusses the security ecosystem in today’s web, and outlines some best practices for keeping your computer safe and your data secure.


An Inside Look at Water and Fighting Fires

Drought and bad fire seasons go hand-in-hand, and this summer is no exception. On August 11, 2017, Governor Bullock declared a fire emergency in Montana. On August 18, 2017, Governor Bullock declared a drought disaster in 31 Montana counties and six Indian Reservations.


Dipping Our Toe in At Denver Startup Week

It’s been just over a month on the Water Sage team, and after getting to know the company, platform, and people, I could not be more excited for our future.