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Press Release - New Features Now Available for Wyoming Water Rights Users

State's largest land and water data platform helps citizens and water professionals
gain greater insight efficiently and effectively

(DENVER) – Ponderosa Advisors, LLC today unveiled new improvements and additional features to WaterSage.com, the largest integrated water and land information platform for the state.
First developed in 2013, Water Sage is a web-based mapping and research platform designed to help everyone – from water planning officials to landowners, lawyers, banks, realtors, and conservation groups – gain greater access to information surrounding water and land.  Water Sage’s upgraded platform arrives as the Wyoming Water Development Commission evaluates purchasing millions in water rights to satisfy the state’s water needs.

Like any private property right, water rights can be bought and sold, inherited or encumbered. In most Western states, water rights are generally conveyed like real estate – by deed recorded with the county where the rights are located.
Water Sage is the only system of its kind that incorporates all of Wyoming's water and land data into a single platform and enables users to research, visualize, and analyze cumbersome datasets together in one screen. Users can tap into all of the state’s surface water rights, groundwater wells, measurement gages, land use, and ownership at one time and receive meaningful intelligence and comprehensive results in seconds. Water Sage also includes referential map layers and web links to original records and legal documents. Data can be exported into GoogleEarth, GIS-compatible formats, or Excel files to further enable project management.
The latest generation of Water Sage enables users to map stream networks to determine upstream or downstream neighbors, connect water rights to stream networks and basins for detailed, intuitive searches over large areas. Additional new generation enhancements include: new polygon, lat/long, location and radius search capabilities, ability to search all datasets by proximity to streams, a redesigned user interface with faster search results, and group project saving capabilities and functionality across all modern web browsers.
Because each state manages water use differently, state-specific platforms are designed to accurately reflect that state’s legal, regulatory, and administrative structures.  
Water Sage Wyoming includes:

  • Over 300,000 water rights to search, filter, and analyze
  • Ability to search over 370,000+ land parcels by location, owner, site address, or parcel identification number
  • Access to real time and historical stream flow and environmental data for all USGS stream gages in Wyoming

Members of the media can request a demonstration of how the program works by completing this online form.

Water Sage is a web-based mapping and research platform that integrates water rights, well, and land data, with diverse analytical capabilities. Water Sage provides simple, efficient access to this data, helping users understand and evaluate water rights and their relationship to land. The platform is the brainchild of the team at Denver-based Ponderosa Advisors, LLC, a firm of analysts, lawyers, technical experts and developers, that believe access to information and transparency facilitates better decision-making, which benefits everyone. For more information contact Kelly Bennett at (855) 556-8037 or email info@watersage.com.

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