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Practitioner Insights: What California Could Learn From Its Peers About Groundwater Management

Practitioner Insights: What California Could Learn From Its Peers About Groundwater Management

California is often considered a leader in progressive environmental regulation. However, compared to some of its peers, such as Colorado and Texas, its groundwater management has lagged and is only now catching up.

This op-ed was written by Samantha Fox, Mark Ziman and Spencer Williams and published in Bloomberg BNA: Daily Environment Report October 31, 2017.


Three Ways California Can Transform Its Water Data

California faces challenges produced by inaccuracies and nonstandardization of water data. Recent legislation will help fix some of the problems, but more can be done, writes Mark Ziman of Ponderosa Advisors.

This op-ed was written by Mark Ziman and published in Water Deeply on July 28, 2017.


The pushes and pulls of water in the west

Finding and creating value is a primary business goal. While there are myriad ways to accomplish this, Ponderosa Advisors, creators of Water Sage, have found that collaborating with organizations allows us to stay neutral on hot-button issues and still reach the disparate stakeholders we serve.

This op-ed was published on cobizmag.com on July 13, 2017.


GOCO says open space applicants can include water-rights mapping in grants

GOCO is making a water rights mapping software part of the deal to ensure local governments, land conservation groups or Colorado Parks and Wildlife to guarantee due diligence as part of this year’s applications.

This article was written by Joey Bunch for coloradopolitics.com on July 7, 2017.


Press Release - Water Sage Is Allowable Budget Expense For GOCO's 2017 Open Space Grant Program

Water Sage continues to provide easy access for hard-to-find water rights data.


Bridging the gap between real estate, lending and water rights

In many professional industries – real estate and agricultural lending included – we find our lane and stick to it. If we overstep our boundaries, we may inadvertently give inaccurate information or, all too often, unintentionally step on someone’s toes.

This article was published in the Colorado Real Estate Journal on June 21, 2017.


New website boils down complex Wyo water rights - for a fee

Ponderosa Advisors, LLC today unveiled new improvements and additional features to WaterSage.com, the largest integrated water and land information platform for the state.

This article was published in the Wyoming Business Report on May 24, 2017.


Tips for radical innovation and entrepreneurship

I recently had the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion at Galvanize Denver-Golden Triangle. The evening was part of Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Tap-IN program and focused on water entrepreneurs: How we overcame obstacles and navigated the rough waters of entrepreneurship.

This guest commentary was published in ColoradoBiz on May 22, 2017.


Press Release - Water Sage Announces New Features in Water Sage Montana

State's largest land and water data platform helps citizens and water professionals
gain greater insight efficiently and effectively.


Press Release - New Features Now Available for Wyoming Water Rights Users

Water Sage’s upgraded platform arrives as the Wyoming Water Development Commission evaluates purchasing millions in water rights to satisfy the state’s water needs.



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